OrganoClick makes fabric from 7 Up bottles

2015-09-14 | jlbworks


OrganoClick makes fabric from 7 Up bottles, fabric store Nashville, TN, Louisville, KY, decorator fabric and trim, drapery hardware and fabrics.At a Swedish seminar titled “The world’s most sustainable catwalk,” OrganoClick AG of Toby, Sweden, entered a fashion statement in water-repellant, recycled polyester made from 7 Up’s trademark green plastic bottles.

Why? OrganoClick’s mission is developing functional materials based on environmentally friendly fiber chemistry, and several sustainable processes had gone into the garment’s creation.

A Buddhist charity organization, the Tzu Chi Foundation in Taiwan, collected the bottles and money for the raw material. OrganoClick’s Taiwanese partner, Chang-Ho Fibers, recycled the plastics into polyester using a new fluorocarbon-free water-repellant treatment technology, OrganoTex®, devised by OrganoClick. The undyed fabric features the green tint characteristic of the 7 Up brand.

Source: OrganoClick makes fabric from 7 Up bottles