Let your home shine bright with metallic accents

2016-11-15 | jlbworks


Enough on the minimalism! Let’s be honest, don’t we all secretly wish to have gold motifs on our dressing table and a large brass polished lampshade in the living room? The idea doesn’t seem so bad, does it? No one can take away our inherent love for bling, period. A metallic touch can be a glamorous incentive to your otherwise plain home, try it. Let’s brighten up our interiors with these sparkling ideas.

Dramatic dimension

If you thought shimmer, glitter and all things shiny are too gaudy for your elite style sense, think again. The right dose of sparkle can instantly transform your home into a sophisticated adda. An aesthetic blend of silver, copper and brass can give you enough drama in your living room. You can amp up the warmth with a stunning chandelier and an ornate mirror.

Understated glamour

Muted metallics will never go out of vogue. Use matte and textured metals to keep things understated and elegant. You can achieve a rustic look by using metallic pieces that have a softer finish. You can never be out of your element by sticking to the matte rule. If your earthy room badly needs a little oomph, bring in rugs and throw pillows with a light metallic touch. A daring blend of matte and gloss can also give you the muted elegance you are looking for.

Fusion fashion

Pairing metallics with contradicting earthy tones and natural fibers can give you stunning results. The key is in mix-and-matching organic elements with the right dose of bling. Play up the fusion with high-gloss metals and textured patterns. Glossy metals can easily draw attention and also spread light around the room.

Metallic accents

If your interiors scream for a little colour and drama, nothing works the magic like a vintage Italian chandelier or a chic silver centrepiece. We believe every household should have a pinch of silver, gold, copper, brass, chrome, crystal or anything that shines. Gold might have fell out of favour a few seasons back, but it’s come back to the décor scene and how. Buy artworks in muted, textured or even glossy gold to keep the fancy momentum going in your room.